Quick vegan oat cakes

Today’s run: 3.5+ miles

The girls and I shared a batch of my very basic, very easy, and very tasty oatmeal pancakes. These are what I call week-day pancakes: they’re quick enough to make on a busy work morning; they’re also a little too austere and not decadent enough for Saturday morning pancakes.

These can easily be made to be gluten-free if you buy gluten-free oats.

This recipe makes 2 adult servings, or enough for 1 adult and 2 little kids. It can easily be halved, of course.

1 cup oatmeal, plus an additional 1 or 2 tablespoons oatmeal if necessary

1 cup liquid – I used half almond milk, half water

a pinch of salt

a pinch of baking powder

a drop of vanilla (optional)

Grind 1 cup of oatmeal into oat flour (the Magic Bullet works well for this

Add the baking powder and salt, then add the almond milk/soy milk/water whatever liquid you are using. Add the vanilla, if using. Stir.

Let the batter sit for a few minutes while you heat up the griddle. The oats should absorb some of the liquid to make a  nice medium-thick, pancake-y batter, but if the batter seems thin, stir in an extra tablespoon or two of whole oats (not ground).

Pour about 1/4 of a cup for each pancake. When the pancakes start bubbling, flip and cook on the other side.

Serve plain, or with a little Earth Balance and fruit. We like these with a little vegan margarine and strawberries. Since these are a week-day breakfast, I don’t use maple syrup, but syrup would be yummy on them!


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