Vegan Creme Eggs

Oh my GOSH. These are my favorite thing ever, I think. They are the perfect combination of vanilla, sweet/salty, and the perfect amount of chocolate. I loved Cadbury creme eggs when I was little, and these are close to what I remember. For the life of me I cannot figure out how Cadbury gets the inside so liquidy. The inside of these are much more solid, which is a necessity when you’re making them at home. The]se are sooooooo good, though, even though they’re not an exact Cadbury replicate. I had to put them in the refrigerator to prevent myself from eating, like, ALL of them. There is just the right amount of chocolate (not too much!), and the inside is so sweet, with a strong vanilla flavor and a bit of salt. Sublime, I tell you. drool…..

Whoops, before I forget: I had a glorious 10 mile run today. It was in the high-40s and I listened to the Brahms Requiem. The air was crisp in a way that reminded me of fall, and for a while I forgot that we were heading into the sweltered southern summer. It was a wonderful run.

Now back to the candy!

In the interest of full disclosure, I think these would be easier and look better if they were made as mini-cupcake creme cups rather than eggs. Making them into eggs requires freezing or at least refrigerating the egg shapes prior to dipping them in chocolate, and that’s an extra step that I’d prefer to skip (not to mention I have a hard time finding freezer spacer…). However, since it was Easter, I attempted to make these as egg-y shapes. If you made them in cup form instead, you would not have to refrigerate the filling at all – just scoop some on top of a chocolate-lined cupcake liner and top it with more chocolate.

Also in the interest of full disclosure: These are vegan, but they ain’t healthy. At all. There are basically no redeeming nutritional qualities to these delights, but they certainly are delicious.

I decorated one for each girl using extra frosting from the Easter cookies we made yesterday (recipe soon!). I didn’t have the time or energy to decorate any others. Oh well. You could also go totally crazy and color some of the filling yellow, like Cadbury does, but I didn’t do that. I’m just not that fly. Eh.


1/2 cup brown rice syrup, vanilla-flavored light corn syrup, or a combination of the two (I used a combination this time, but it works with just one or the other

2 tablespoons Earth Balance (stick)

2 tablespoons coconut oil

1/4 teaspoon salt, more or less to taste

a splash (1/2 teaspoon or more) of vanilla

2.5 – 3 cups confectioners’ sugar

10 squares of Trader Joe’s Pound Plus vegan chocolate, or about 1 cup vegan chocolate chips


Smush the margarin and coconut oil together. Add the brown rice and/or corn syrup; mix until very well combined, and until mixture turns opaque. Add in salt and vanilla and mix well. Add about 2 cups of confectioners’ sugar and stir until well incorporated. Add the last cup a quarter cup at a time, stirring after each addition. You want the batter to be pliable and soft but NOT sticky. If you press your finger into it and your finger comes back clean, and leaves an impression in the batter, then it is done.

Form into little egg shapes, if that’s what you’re making. If you’re making cups, skip that step and the next one, duh. Put the eggs on a cookie sheet. For the next step, make sure your cookie sheet is covered with waxed paper.

Refrigerate or freeze egg shapes.

When egg shapes are cold, melt the chocolate. You can add a little coconut oil to the chocolate, but I did not, as it makes the cooled chocolate melt faster. Let the chocolate cool for a minute or so after it has melted. Working quickly, dip the eggs into the chocolate; use a fork to make sure the egg is well-coated with chocolate. Some of the chocolate will melt off of the top of each egg. Don’t worry; we’ll fix that in a minute. Put the chocolate-covered eggs on a waxed paper-lined cookie sheet (the waxed paper is imperative to getting the eggs off without causing structural damage to them). After you’ve dipped all of the eggs, use the little bit of extra chocolate to add more chocolate to the tops of eggs that need it. The colder the insides and the cooler the melted chocolate, the better it will work. All that freezing and care with the melted chocolate is why these would be WAY easier making them as cups. For cups, just line mini or regular cupcake pans with liners; brush melted chocolate on the liner, put in some filling, and top with more chocolate. Way easier, right? But not as festive….


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