I love The Simpsons. Yes, I know that makes me totally old-school. I’m not much on TV, and The Simpsons is a show I do enjoy. I also love Dexter. Weird combination, I know. Anyways….eating this cake on Easter after a Lent of no desserts totally made me do a Homer Simpson mmmmmmm….cake…..followed by a drool.

I made a basic vegan vanilla cake in two layers, which I split into four layers. In between the first and third layer were fresh strawberries from the local strawberry farm; the middle layer and top were covered in a delicious almond- vanilla buttercream frosting. I mixed it using a hand mixer, which made the frosting super light. It looked very professional, and it was sooooo good. I was super pleased with the frosting: a light, sweet, creamy blend of almond and vanilla and sugar. Yum. I used half Earth Balance and half coconut oil for the fat; I couldn’t taste the coconut, but I wonder if the coconut oil was responsible for the wonderful light-yet-not-liquidy texture. I would definitely use coconut oil  in frosting again.

A few years ago I was making the chocolate-raspberry cake from Vegan with a Vengeance ( for my book club meeting. I did not line the cake pans with parchment paper and, as a result, could not get the cakes out of the pan (that was a lesson to always listen to Isa!). I ended up salvaging the cake by making cake-in-a-bowl – cake pieces covered with raspberry jam and chocolate ganache – and it was delicious. I have made it that way ever since, and have made other recipes, like this one, also as cake-in-a-bowl.  I think it looks pretty, and it requires slightly less frosting (which is sort of a bad thing….) and less work (definitely a good thing).

I’m including a picture of our hand mixer simply because I think it’s so cute! It was my husband’s grandma’s, I think, and it is wicked old (truly old-school). It works well, but it’s a little finicky; it doesn’t always want to switch speeds or turn off without a little convincing. I love old things and I love not having to buy a replacement; this may be an old-school mixer but it’s adorable and meets our needs (at the moment).

We spent Easter with some very good friends of ours. It was a lazy day of food, friends, conversation, chasing kids around, more food, a walk around the neighborhood, some good beer, and more food. I had played at two church services that morning so I welcomed the day of relaxation. I wonder if that’s what it’s like to be Shadow or Whimsy…..


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