Oh my GOODNESS Vegan Cookie Bars

So. Freakin’. Good.

These were absolute perfection in vegan cookie bar form. Perfection, I tell you. I made them on Saturday; we had a babysitter coming that evening (we had to play for a wedding) and I didn’t want to leave her without some sort of tasty treat. That, and I was really feeling the need for some soft, gooey, dense, sweet, multi-flavor cookie bars.  I had in mind something like vegan Samoas cookies (the Girl Scout cookie; they were called Samoas back in my day, but they are probably called something else now) combined with one of my oldest and most beloved of vegan cookie recipes. My college roommate and I used to make these fabulous peanut butter chippy cookies – basically, they were peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips and butterscotch chips (we could get vegan butterscotch chips at Wegman’s) thrown in. They were delicious, but they were very crumbly and not quite the right texture. These bars are similar in terms of all of the flavors going on, but the texture is simply divine – soft, sllllightly chewy, and dense.

The babysitter ‘attacked’ them (her word), as did we. They were SO. GOOD. Recipe coming tomorrow. I am too tired and lazy to go find it and post it. Pitiful, I know. Pitiful.

I had a hard time coming up with a cute and appropriate name for these little puppies. I kept thinking of them as “nothin'” bars, as in “there’s nothin’ wrong with these bars!”. I’m not sold on it, though. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these delicacies, but I’m also not sure there’s any name out there that does these bars justice.

Peanut butter. Chocolate chips. Vegan white chocolate chips. Coconut. OH MY.

In other news, I used a crock pot for the first time yesterday! My husband’s had one for years and he uses it every now and then, but I never have used it; the thought of leaving something plugged in all day scares me. Yesterday I was at home with the girls so I made a crock pot Thai curry. I just threw in raw, chopped sweet potato, carrot, zucchini, and onion, and added some Massaman curry paste, coconut milk, oil, soy sauce, tamarind paste, and a touch of brown sugar. I added as much water as I would have used cooking this on the stove; that was a mistake. The curry was delicious but watery (none of the water boiled off, of course. Whoops!). I will definitely use the crock pot again. I think it generates less heat than using the stove does, and I am always looking for ways of reducing heat in the summer.


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