Hi! I’m Patricia. Welcome to my little blog. I write about veganism and running and music and dogs and other assorted stuff, but mostly about veganism. I’ve been a vegan since 1995; sometimes I’ve lived in areas in which being a vegan was easy, and sometimes (like now) I’ve lived in areas in which no-one has ever heard the word ‘vegan’ and people who do not eat animals are the subject of ridicule. I’ve never had a problem being a vegan, mainly because the ethics of veganism are something I believe very strongly in. However, I am aware that being a vegan, or trying to adopt more aspects of the vegan lifestyle, can be challenging and frustrating for some, even in more ‘enlightened’ areas. So, I’m trying, through this blog, to share my personal vegan experiences, and more importantly, recipes! My recipes rely primarily on basic, easy-to-find, naturally-vegan ingredients. I cook for myself as well as my husband and two young children, so my recipes also tend to be fairly inexpensive, quick, and kid-friendly. Being a vegan is really not that hard, and I hope to prove that through my recipes and experiences! Believe me, if I can be a vegan through two pregnancies and 6 years of living in the rural, rural south (plus 4 years in the midwest), anyone who wants to be vegan can ! (assuming no medical reasons exist not to, of course).

In addition to being a vegan and cooking, I also enjoy running (for distance, not speed), hanging out with my two dogs, spending time with my funny and sweet little girls, listening to and playing classical music, reading, and sometimes knitting. I work part-time as a criminal defense lawyer and teach political science part-time at a nearby state university. I like to be busy.

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